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F‑Secure VPN

Keep your digital moments secure and private everywhere.

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Online privacy wherever you are

We all have a digital footprint. But with F‑Secure’s unlimited VPN, you can choose who can see yours. Your online privacy is just one click away.

Secure and private browsing

Enjoy exploring the internet in private. Built for strong security with over 30 years of experience in cyber security, F‑Secure’s VPN (virtual private network) protects you on any device.

Hide your IP address

F‑Secure VPN encrypts your connection and hides your real IP address from the web pages you visit. Tracking Protection stops advertisers following you online and making money at the expense of your privacy.

Privacy on public Wi‑Fi networks

Automatic Wi‑Fi Protection keeps your data safe from hackers and other snoopers when on public Wi‑Fi. Protection Statistics let you know how much data F‑Secure VPN has protected, including the number of tracking attempts and blocked websites.

Change your IP location

Select your virtual location from over 20 countries to face fewer geo-restrictions and add an extra layer of privacy. Enjoy F‑Secure VPN’s fast and reliable connection at home or while traveling.

A VPN you can trust

F‑Secure has been defending consumers’ digital rights for more than 30 years. As a customer of a Finnish company, you benefit from EU data protection and commerce laws. We do not create traffic logs, sell or share your traffic.

FREEDOME VPN is now F‑Secure VPN. Even if your app is called FREEDOME VPN, don’t worry — you are still protected with the same powerful VPN.

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Get protected with VPN or opt for Total, an all-in-one app that includes VPN plus Internet Security and ID Protection.

5 devices | 1 year
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5 devices | 1 year
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  • 30-day money-back guarantee
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*Discounted price for the first purchase only. Offer valid until 30 June 2023. Cannot be combined with other offers. All prices include VAT. Cleverbridge GmbH is the F‑Secure reseller and your partner for all purchases in this store.

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Rated 4.4/5 in app stores

Stable program that does not slow down the computer. The VPN feature for mobile and tablet is great. It’s nice to be able to use my home country region when I’m abroad.

– Tommy (Smartson)

I think it works very well and it doesn’t cost too much. And it feels good to be anonymous online.

– Magnus (Smartson)

Good features for sharing the subscription within the family. The app to surf with VPN abroad is really good. It is also very simple and easy to use.

– Kim (Smartson)

Easy to use and ensures safe surfing.

– Joni (Smartson)

Compare subscription options

Total is the most comprehensive choice for protecting your digital life. See what is included in Total compared to F‑Secure VPN.

Personal VPN

Protect your privacy by encrypting your connection and hiding your real IP address from the web pages you visit.

Wi‑Fi protection

Your internet connection is secured so that no one can hack it when you use public Wi‑Fi.

Virtual location

Change your virtual location and add an extra layer of privacy.

Tracking protection

Stop advertisers from tracking you and making money at the expense of your privacy.

Kill switch

Prevent accidental leakage of your data to the internet if you momentarily lose your VPN connection. Available on Windows, Mac, and Android.

Protection statistics

See how much traffic VPN has protected and how many tracking attempts and web­sites it has blocked.

Trusted Wi‑Fi networks

You can choose to bypass the VPN tunneling in trusted Wi‑Fi networks, like your home connection, on Android devices.

Unlimited traffic

Enjoy browsing, down­loads and other data traffic without band­width or data transfer limits.



Keep your devices safe from viruses, trojans, ransom­ware, adware, key­loggers, spyware and other malware with our award-winning technology.

Browsing protection

Explore the internet and stay safe from harmful and dangerous web pages, ensuring your security and privacy.

Ransomware protection

Stay ahead of online criminals and protect your­self from the increasing threat of ransomware.

Banking protection

Banking protection lets you know when you enter a safe banking site and keeps your money safe by securing the connection.

Parental controls

Protect your kids’ safety online with Family Rules by setting limits for their screen time and blocking harmful content.

Gaming mode

Enjoy protected gaming with uncompromised performance on Windows computers.

Password manager

Store and access your pass­words securely from any device. Generate strong pass­words and get updates if existing ones are weak or reused.

Auto-fill credentials

Make signing into online services faster and easier by filling securely stored user­names and pass­words automatically.

Online identity monitoring

Human intelligence and 24/7 dark web monitoring identify if your personal information is compromised by data breaches.

Breach alerts

Get unique expert advice, if your personal information, such as email address, credit card number, or phone number, is exposed in a data breach.

Identity theft help

Receive expert assistance in the event of you falling victim to identity theft or your personal information being leaked online.

My F‑Secure account

Renew or manage your protection through an easy-to-use management service.

Remote management

Renew or manage your protection through your own security app.

Free customer support

Get free support and help from F‑Secure’s experts.

30-day money-back guarantee

Buy risk-free! 30-day money-back guarantee for your purchase if you are not fully satisfied with the product.

Available in several languages

You can choose the product language from more than 20 supported languages.

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*iOS version: 7‑day free trial, requires in‑app subscription.

  • Free customer support
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Technical details

Supported platforms

  • Windows 7 SP1 (support ends in August 2023), Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • macOS 10.12 or later
  • iOS 11 or later
  • Android 6.0 or later


VPN is available globally, with the exception of certain Middle Eastern countries and China. See the full list of countries where F‑Secure VPN is available.

What are the virtual locations for F‑Secure VPN?

Available languages

čeština, dansk, Deutsch, English, español, français, français canadien, italiano, magyar, Neder­lands, Norsk, polski, português, português brasileiro, suomi, svenska, русский, 日本語, 한국어, 繁體中文 (香港)

Frequently asked questions about F‑Secure VPN

Yes. When you connect to F‑Secure VPN, you will have the option to choose the server location from a list of over 20 countries. Some countries also have several different locations to choose from. Typically, closer locations will give you better performance compared to gateways on the other side of the world. See the virtual locations for F‑Secure VPN.

F‑Secure VPN is available globally, except for certain countries. See the list of countries where F‑Secure VPN is available.

Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS 10.12 or later, iOS 11 or later, Android 6.0 or later.

With F‑Secure VPN Kill Switch feature, you can prevent accidental leakage of your data to the internet if you momentarily lose your VPN connection. Available on Windows, Mac, and Android.

If you have purchased F‑Secure VPN, you need to create a My F‑Secure account to start protecting your devices. It only takes a moment to sign up, and you will have all your security information in one easy-to-use service.

Many of us have more than one device and keeping track of all our devices, and ensuring they are protected can be challenging. My F‑Secure gives you an overview of your whole subscription and device status, whereas in the F‑Secure VPN app you can only control the protection status of an individual device.

With a My F‑Secure account, you can check how many spare licenses you have, add or remove devices and share licenses with your family members. You can also view the expiration date and extend your subscription, check prices and expand your protection with other F‑Secure products.

My F‑Secure is the home of your protection. It’s the place where you can get an overview and manage all the devices that are protected under your F‑Secure subscription.

With a My F‑Secure account, you can adapt the security to your individual needs such as add or remove devices, see prices or subscription options, purchase other products or manage parental controls.

If you are already using F‑Secure Internet Security or ID Protection and have a subscription code for F‑Secure VPN (previously called FREEDOME VPN), we have great news for you. Your subscription will be automatically upgraded to F‑Secure Total when you take F‑Secure VPN into use. This means you get one of the products included in Total for free.

F‑Secure Total is a complete online protection app that includes F‑Secure Internet Security antivirus, F‑Secure ID Protection to keep your passwords and online identity safe and F‑Secure VPN to protect your privacy online.

To get the F‑Secure Total upgrade, log in to My F‑Secure and enter the subscription code you received when purchasing F‑Secure VPN. If you have a valid F‑Secure Internet Security or ID Protection subscription, your subscription is automatically upgraded to cover all Total’s features. The time from the VPN subscription is added to your new subscription.

If you have a My F‑Secure account, log in to My F‑Secure, click “Renew now” and follow the instructions.

If you don’t have a My F‑Secure account yet, purchase F‑Secure VPN and follow the instructions.

If you have a voucher and don’t have a My F‑Secure account yet, create an account and enter your subscription code to activate your licenses. Your devices with F‑Secure VPN already installed will become visible on My F‑Secure when you log in to My F‑Secure on your F‑Secure VPN app.

Please note that after your subscription has expired, your devices will no longer be protected until you log in to your My F‑Secure account on the F‑Secure VPN app on each device.

No. Testing F‑Secure VPN does not require a My F‑Secure account. You can try the full version for free for 5 days.*

If you create a My F‑Secure account, you can try and evaluate our all-in-one security app F‑Secure Total for free for 30 days.

*The iOS version has a 7-day free trial and requires you to purchase the product from the App Store and cancel your order before the free trial expires.

F‑Secure FREEDOME VPN has been recently renamed F‑Secure VPN. That’s why you may still see the old product name in some places. But don’t worry, you are still protected with the same powerful VPN.

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