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Connected Home Security

Connected homes offer a golden opportunity for service providers. The average family will soon have dozens of internet-enabled devices without a practical way to secure them all.

Partnering with a cyber security provider to offer value-added IoT security solutions enables broadband providers to secure their customers’ homes, while at the same time enhancing their security offerings and improving brand loyalty and trust.

Consumer security needs are getting broader 

Concerned about online and Wi-Fi privacy

(Source: F-Secure)

Protecting kids from inappropriate content is important

(Source: F-Secure)

IoT units installed base by 2021

(Source: Gartner*)

IoT endpoints hardware spending, worldwide by 2021

3 390 B$
(Source: Gartner*)
*Forecast: Internet of Things — Endpoints and Associated Services, Worldwide, 2017, Published: 21 December 2017 ID: G00347577, Analyst(s): Peter Middleton | Tracy Tsai | Masatsune Yamaji | Anurag Gupta | Denise Rueb

One management app

Wherever they are and whatever device or network they use, consumers want one thing: To feel protected. To be protected. Without hassle.

A personalized, seamless security experience for your customers and their families is simple: A single app that lets them manage all their devices, both at home and on the go, in one place.

Security proposition building blocks

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Smart home protection

Protects your connected things against online threats and hacking

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Browsing and privacy protection

Explore the internet, and do banking and shopping worryfree

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Stop unwanted tracking

Stop advertisers from tracking you and stay anonymous online

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Device recognition

Easy management of devices in your home network

Virus and botnet protection

Keep your devices safe from viruses, trojans, spyware and ransomware

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Family protection

Protects your entire family with a single service. Set healthy boundaries for your children

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Protection when on the go

Protects your mobile devices everywhere you go

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Hyper speed

Minimizes security impact on consumer broadband speeds

The best approach to cyber security

Simple and seamless experience for your end customers: integrate network and cloud security capabilities, router security and endpoint protection.

Perfect enabler to seamlessly provision and distribute endpoint protection to your end customers.

Allows router makers and service providers to embed the SENSE router SDK into their own routers, making it quick and easy to deploy SENSE's security capabilities to a large user base.

Complement your network security by being able to define unified security policies across the network, including parental controls.

The evolution of AI at F-Secure

We have been leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for over 10 years, mainly using data science techniques to process and analyze large collections of both historic and fresh threat intelligence data. Our solutions have been utilizing machine learning algorithms to solve classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction, and regression problems.

Now we have launched a new research program to develop a new way to use AI for better accuracy and faster detection and response. Taking inspiration from patterns of collective behavior, like swarm intelligence, machine learning agents use the collective intelligence to protect systems in a more powerful way.

Global security partner

200+ operators worldwide have already chosen F-Secure as a security partner. We offer comprehensive security solutions with award-winning technology to protect your customers both at home and on the go.
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Router manufacturers we work with

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Here is how Connected Home Security works

F-Secure Connected Home Security combines router security and endpoint protection into a single, simple experience for end users.


F-Secure Sense Router SDK ensures your customers' home, and all those connected devices, are always protected. Suspicious or unusual behavior is blocked by F-Secure Security Cloud using the latest AI-driven analysis techniques. This is synchronized with the F-Secure Endpoint Protection so that your customers and their families continue to be safe whether at home or on the go.  And the whole system is automatically updated so you can rest assured your customers always have the latest protection against online threats.


Endpoint Protection

  • AV-engine  
  • Gateway management interface  
  • Parental controls agent for on the go  
  • Notification and settings  
  • VPN  
  • Device management


  • Gateway level browsing protection  
  • Device type recognition  
  • Device network anomality detection  
  • Parental control profile and agent


  • Object reputation lookup service (filters, URLs, etc.) with reputation database​
  • File scanning​
  • Sample reception, analysis (AI & manual) and archive​
  • Spam prevention

Here is how Connected Home Security works

F-Secure Connected Home Security combines router security and endpoint protection into a single, simple experience for end users. Click on the red dots to see how it works!

Partner with the Leader in the Service Provider Channel

Comprehensive solution

F-Secure delivers the most complete consumer security portfolio available for service providers.


Enjoy a proven track record that comes from quickly and successfully launching 450+ services globally with over 200 providers.

A service that expands with you

Roll out without worry as our billing and cloud-services are built to scale for all your customers.

More than technology

We've perfected Security-as-a-Service for service providers. Our strategic consulting and service marketing can help make your activities a success, from launch to upsells.

Experts in your corner

Access our dedicated team of cyber security professionals to evaluate and ensure overall security of all your software and hardware components, including your router, app and cloud hardware.

Built to be trusted

F-Secure has a global reach and our EU background ensures that you'll be compliant with European law and the GDPR.

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