Anti­virus for Android

Anti­virus software protects your device against different online threats, such as viruses. Threats to Android devices are on the rise, so you need to be protected at all times with an anti­virus.

Anti­virus for Android

What is an anti­virus for Android?

Anti­virus for Android detects and prevents malware from infecting your Android device. While the same computer viruses that threaten laptops and desktops are not a threat to Android phones and tablets, many other types of malware are.

Without anti­virus software, your device has no protection against online criminals and advanced online threats. Malware can be used for blackmailing, stealing your private information, money and even your identity. Because Android devices are more vulnerable to malware than iPhone, criminals often specifically target them.

As Android threats are increasing and getting more severe, Android devices should not be used without anti­virus software. Anti­virus automatically scans all the apps and files you download to your mobile device. It keeps you safe against trojans, spyware and all other malware threats before they can cause you harm. Choose one that is optimized for Android smartphones and tablets, such as F‑Secure Total.

Do Android devices need anti­virus?

Just as Windows desktop computers, Android smartphones are susceptible to viruses as well. Mobile devices are often connected to external networks, such as public WiFi, exposing them to various online threats. Some viruses are specifically designed to target mobile devices and can be very difficult to detect.

Trojans are a common type of virus that can be disguised as legitimate mobile applications. For example, an Android banking trojan looks just like an authentic banking app but can trick you into giving access to your online bank account. Download new apps only from the official app store and use premium anti­virus protection to avoid trojans.

The built‑in virus protection in Android phones can provide the most basic security features but is far from enough for staying protected against today’s advanced viruses. The Google Play Protect anti­virus in Android devices scans all apps installed from Google Play Store and prevents users from installing malicious apps. However, an Android smartphone’s built‑in anti­virus lacks several advanced features needed for full internet security, such as a VPN or a pass­word manager.

Paid vs free anti­virus for Android

Similar to the built‑in Android anti­virus, a free anti­virus downloaded from the app store may provide some basic protection. When paying for a premium anti­virus, you will get access to several advanced security features that free apps are missing.

F‑Secure Total’s premium anti­virus keeps you protected at all times. Unlike a free anti­virus, F‑Secure Total includes all the features of a complete mobile security suite for your Android devices.

  • Advanced security features that detect and remove malicious software that can infect your device. A premium anti­virus also prevents new viruses from reaching your phone in the first place.
  • Real‑time data breach alerts that inform you if any of your personal information has been compromised in a data breach. If your email address, credit card number or other information gets leaked, criminals can use it for identity theft or fraud.
  • Frequent updates to ensure that your anti­virus is always using the most recent version. An updated anti­virus improves your web protection when new viruses are discovered.
  • Various features that free anti­virus is lacking, such as a pass­word manager, a VPN, and tools for keeping your money and personal data safe online.
  • Parental control tools that help you keep track of children’s online activity, block harmful websites and monitor screen time.
  • Protection for several devices simultaneously with only a single subscription. Free versions usually cover only one device at a time.
  • Customer support and professional help from cyber security experts. Advanced anti­virus software protects both your Android phone and your desktop computer with the same account.
  • Better performance than free anti­virus software. Poorly optimized anti­virus software can slow down your Android phone and drain the device’s battery faster than normal.

Improve mobile security on your Android device

Mobile security involves all measures used to protect your Android phone or tablet. Optimal mobile security protects your Android devices from various forms of cyber crime, such as unauthorized access, hacking and spying. Here are some tips for improving your mobile security and protecting yourself online:

  1. Use anti­virus for Android. Using a premium anti­virus is the key to comprehensive online security.
  2. Update your apps and operating systems. Remember to frequently update your apps and operating systems to avoid novel viruses. Online criminals can take advantage of bugs and vulnerabilities in old versions of software. Always update your apps from the official Google App Store to avoid malware. F‑Secure Total is updated regularly to catch sophisticated new online threats.
  3. Strong pass­words. Always use unique and strong pass­words for your accounts. Create new pass­words with a pass­word generator to avoid identity theft and store your login credentials with a pass­word manager.
  4. Do not open suspicious files. If you get a message from an unknown or suspicious sender, do not open it. Never click on a link or download a file if you are not sure that it is safe. Even normal-looking emails can be phishing attempts or contain viruses in disguise.
  5. Two‑factor authentication. Activate two‑factor authentication on your accounts for an additional layer of protection for your Android device. Two‑factor authentication involves proving your identity with an additional method on top of just your username and pass­word.

Award-winning anti­virus for Android

F‑Secure Total protects more than just your Android devices. Get comprehensive internet security for your computer and Android devices with a single subscription, either just for yourself or the whole family. F‑Secure Total comes with an advanced anti­virus and a versatile VPN, as well as pass­word management and identity protection tools. You can try our complete online security app for free on your Android device.

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