Parental control makes internet safe for kids

Despite all its opportunities, the internet isn’t always a safe play­ground for kids. Parental control soft­ware gives you the tools to protect your children online. Read more below!

What is parental control good for?

Our duty as parents is to provide a safe environment for our children and protect their well­being. That applies also online. How­ever, constantly monitoring children’s internet activities and ensuring online family safety is challenging at best. How do you prevent your child from seeing inappropriate content online? With a parental control app.

4 ways parental control improves family safety

Protect children from content that’s inappropriate for their age

Everything needed to view online content that’s inappropriate for children is a device with internet connection. With a parental control app, you can limit access to adult content, violence, shopping, gambling, etc. from your child’s device. The app does the monitoring for you. This way you don’t have to keep a constant eye on what your kids are doing. They can explore the internet freely but safely.

Block apps that are not suitable for kids

Some apps aren’t suitable for children. Games, social media apps, etc. often have age limits. And for a reason. A good parental control app gives you the power to decide what apps your children can install on their devices. It restricts installing apps before you specifically approve them.

Balance everyday activities with limits to screen time

Internet and device use can be addicting. In fact, many apps and services are deliberately designed to hook users to spend more time using them. This can steal children’s attention from other daily activities like school­work, playing out­side, or even sleep. With the best parental control apps, you can set healthy limits to screen time and help balance your kids’ daily activities. You can set bed­time to ensure your children won’t use their devices when they are supposed to sleep.

Help your children avoid online threats

Parental control isn’t only about setting limits and monitoring activities. A major part is protecting kids against online threats, such as malware and phishing web­sites. Children under­standably don’t have the same capabilities as adults in avoiding online scams, dangerous links, and apps. A parental control app with anti­virus not only makes internet safe for kids, but also protects family devices and home net­works from cyber attacks.

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