How to browse privately?

Web­sites and services track you online. Read on to find out who is tracking you, why they do it, and how you can stop it.

How to go incognito and browse in private

Who is tracking me online?

Internet service providers can track every­thing you do online, and most web­sites track their visitors. Web­sites often track the actions visitors take outside their sites as well. They then build a profile based on the data. Networks of web­sites can pool their information together to build an accurate profile of who you are, what you do, and what you like. Government officials and criminals can also track your actions.

Why are web­sites tracking me?

In short, to know what you do and to use it for their advantage. The collected data is used for analytics and to improve their services. But it’s also valuable to advertisers. When they know what you like, they can target you with ads that are more likely to grab your attention. This doesn’t only mean products or services, but also news articles, for example. In some countries the data is also used for surveillance.

Does using browser-based safe mode (like incognito mode) mean web­sites can’t track me?

No. Incognito mode, Private Browsing, InPrivate or any other similar browser-based safe mode covers your tracks only on the device you use to surf the web. No traces are left on the device, but your actions are visible online. Your information is still visible to the web­sites you visit and whoever provides your internet connection. If you want to be incognito and browse privately, incognito mode is not enough.

F-Secure VPN

Do you want to browse privately?

The simplest and best way to stay private online is to use a VPN like F‑Secure’s VPN. If you want to cover your tracks online and truly go incognito, a VPN is your best choice. In short, a VPN hides your real address from the web­sites that you visit and blocks your internet service provider from seeing your internet traffic. VPN is really easy to use. You can try it for free, with no credit card required.

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