F‑Alert February: discover the latest consumer threats today

F‑Alert February: discover the latest consumer threats today

In the AI era, technology moves so fast even criminals can struggle to keep up — but they’re doing their best. This F‑Alert highlights how attackers are stepping up their attacks to utilize AI bots, target sellers, and go after Google accounts. And we give you expert advice on how to defend yourself and your keep your direct messages private. 

Sellers get scammed, too

Ecommerce doesn’t just offer the chance to buy almost anything from anywhere. Individuals can also quickly set up shop to sell their wares in minutes, often through some of the largest shopping platforms on earth. And scammers have noticed. Laura Kankaala, Threat Intelligence Lead at F‑Secure, explains how any online transaction could lead to a fraud that costs you time, heartbreak, and money. 

OpenAI faces growing pains

OpenAI continues to be the leader in the hottest industry on earth and the new GPT Store will continue to expand the possibilities of generative AI. But with great success comes real threats. Phishing attacks cleverly disguised to extract user credentials can target ChatGPT users, warns Khalid Alnajjar, a Senior Threat Data Researcher at F‑Secure. And that’s far from the only risk that users of the AI chatbot face.

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Are your direct messages really private?

Meta recently announced that after seven years it will finally roll out full end-to-end encryption on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. While most social networks offer some form of direct messages, very few of them promise that those communications will stay private. Joel Latto, Threat Advisor at F‑Secure, describes why you shouldn’t just expect privacy in your DMs, and why that matters.

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Malware targets Google accounts

Google has taken some impressive steps to improve the account security of more than a billion people who count on Gmail and other services. But criminals have adapted. A security hole allows attackers to overcome normal security measures. Lumma infostealer quickly began to take advantage of this opportunity. And other infostealers have quickly followed along, says Ash Shatrieh, Threat Intelligence Researcher at F‑Secure.

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