F-Alert November

F-Alert November

A new trick from Facebook scammers and Sharkbot Android malware returns

While securing our digital moments has never been more complicated, there are simple steps that every­one can take to secure their data, devices, and families. That’s why we’re introducing F‑Alert.

In this monthly report, we’ll offer a crisp look at the cyber security news you need to know along with insights and advice from the experts in the F‑Secure Labs. Here’s what you’ll find in the November 2022 edition.

Scammers target Facebook Pages with a new trick

A new wave of scams utilizes Facebook’s tagging feature to trick Page owners into believing they’ve violated Facebook’s terms and conditions. Several variations of the attack exist, but all lead to phishing sites designed to steal Page owner’s credentials.

Find out from Joel Latto, F‑Secure Threat Advisor, why this new scam tactic is so effective and steps you can take to secure your page.

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Android malware Sharkbot reappears in the Play store

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, two versions of the Android malware Sharkbot have been spotted inside Google Play, again. Tens of thousands of users appear to have down­loaded the most recent versions of the malicious software posing as an antivirus from the official app store.

Sarogini, who leads F‑Secure’s Threat Protection Engineering team, explains what we’ve learned from detecting Sharkbot since early 2022 and how to avoid nasty Android threats.

Massive malware botnet Emotet returns

The massive malware operation known behind Emotet has returned from a four-month vacation and is currently blasting out millions of emails each week to spread its malware.

Get insights from F‑Secure Labs researchers Yik Han and Amit Tambe, who have tracked the activity Emotet’s many reappearances, and find out how to defend your data from this threat.

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Strelastealer robs email credentials

Newly identified malware StrelaStealer goes after email credentials by targeting users of Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. This info­stealer was first spotted targeting Spanish businesses in early November.

Patricia Dacuno, Senior Researcher at F‑Secure, reveals how this malware is expanding the target stealers are after and how you can keep your credentials from being sucked up.

Australian insurance giant faces escalating extortion

Criminals have continued to release highly sensitive data for patients covered by Australian insurance giant Medibank after nearly 10 million customers had their data exposed early in November.

Laura Kankaala, F‑Secure’s Threat Intelligence Lead, describes how this vicious effort bears some resemblance to the tragic case of the breached Finnish psychotherapy firm Vastaamo and what customers can do to protect their data.

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Our monthly F‑Alert threat reports guide you through the biggest cyber security stories as they develop around the world. Delivering what matters most when it comes to protecting your data and devices.

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