Update to the new F‑Secure VPN app

FREEDOME VPN will reach its end during 2024. Continue protecting your privacy with the more flexible F‑Secure VPN and get the same VPN with expandable online security features.

  • Start by creating a My F‑Secure account

    Create an account by filling the form, then click Accept and create account.

  • Enter your subscription code

    You can find your subscription code in the product box, confirmation email or printed on the receipt.

  • Install your protection

    Follow the on-screen instructions to protect your devices. You will see the licensing status for the new app.

  • Uninstall the old app

    Remove the old FREEDOME VPN app from your device.

Frequently asked questions

The old app will eventually stop offering reliable protection. Without proper support, we can’t guarantee that the app will not be vulnerable to future attacks. In other words, the app will become useless.

When you start using the F‑Secure app for the first time, it’s essential to create your own F‑Secure account.

    To complete your account creation, check your email inbox and click on the link in the Activate your F‑Secure account now email. You will also receive a Get started with F‑Secure email with instructions for installing the F‑Secure app.

    Most of us have more than one device, and protecting each device can be challenging. My F‑Secure service makes this easy by providing a centralized overview and management for your protection across all devices.

    What are the benefits for you?

    • No need to remember where to find your subscription code; you no longer need one

    • The subscription is valid for all platforms: Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

    • Easy to renew and manage your subscription

    • Easy to share your licenses with other family members and friends

    • Easy to upgrade your protection to include other features, such as online security and identity protection

    VPN services cannot make you fully anonymous, but they do improve your privacy and security online. With F‑Secure VPN, you can encrypt your data traffic and hide your real IP address. We don’t read your traffic, nor do we know what traffic is yours. We don’t share nor sell any of your traffic.

    We respect your privacy and only process personal data needed to provide our services and to communicate with you. We don’t share your My F‑Secure account information with third parties.

    My F‑Secure is the home of your protection. It’s the place where you have an overview of and can manage all the devices that are protected under your F‑Secure subscription*.

    With a My F‑Secure account, you can adapt the security to your individual needs such as add or remove devices, see prices or subscription options, purchase other products or manage parental controls.

    *My F‑Secure account is required for F‑Secure Total, F‑Secure Internet Security, F‑Secure VPN, and F‑Secure ID Protection.

    Please contact our customer support to migrate them under the same My F‑Secure account.

    Please contact our customer support to migrate them under the same My F‑Secure account.

    Your My F‑Secure account only shows how many licenses you have left for the new app. It doesn’t show the license status for the old app anymore.

    If you already have the F‑Secure app installed on your device, check if it has the Privacy VPN feature available for you to use. If so, then uninstall the separate Freedome app from that device and start using the Privacy VPN feature on the F‑Secure app on your device instead.

    If you don't have the Privacy VPN feature on your F‑Secure app, please contact the customer care and they will add it for you.

    In the single app model, installation of two F‑Secure applications regardless of the product branding is not possible on a Windows or a Mac computer. As an example, you may have acquired separate security, privacy, or identity protection services through your internet service provider, retail or F‑Secure. Both F‑Secure and the majority of F‑Secure's service provider partners offer the new F‑Secure Total with a full set of protection capabilities enabling you to select your preferred service provider. Note! This limitation does not impact mobile platforms (Android and iOS).

    Select the offering from a single service provider. If you have two licenses from F‑Secure, contact our customer care. They can enable all your acquired features in a single application. You will not need to do any additional installations. Features are automatically enabled and will appear in your application shortly after the subscription change.

    Based on your feedback, we decided to give you more time to finish the migration. You will have time until the end of the year 2024. When the final deadline will become closer, we’ll notify you again.

    Do you need support?

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