F‑Secure Data Discovery Helper

Find out what information you have given to the tech giants over the years

F‑Secure has gathered together the links to ease you to check what data you have given to the tech giants over the years. By clicking the name of the company or service, you end up in a page where you can check your private data. This tool only directs you to service provider’s own page and does not track your actions.



3 tips to protect your data

Use a strong, unique pass­word for each account

Check your privacy settings on social net­works to avoid over­sharing

Avoid giving services more personal data than is necessary

F-Secure Total

Are you interested in better securing your data and online life?

F‑Secure handles your data with respect

  • We collect minimal user data to improve our products
  • We do not profile our users by cross referencing user data
  • We do not sell user data to anyone
  • We do not feature third party ads in our products

This tool only directs you to each service provider’s own page. It does not track your actions on third-party pages.