F-Alert report: online threats and summer cyber security tips

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11 Jun 2024
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Summer has arrived. It’s a time when most of us are outdoors enjoying the warm weather – but not even the mighty sun can deter online criminals from their exploits. In this F-Alert, our experts explore recent online security threats and we disclose our latest summer security tips.

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  • From AI deepfakes and stolen biometric data scams to key insights about the impact of scamming worldwide, this month’s F‑Alert covers recent developments in online scams. 

  • Discover resources teaching you how to identify and avoid scams in our Scam Protection Hub.

  • Explore Vietnam’s hidden ‘click farms’ cultivating likes and comments on social media and find out whether your user data is safe in ChatGPT with examples of recent security flaws.

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WhatsApp imposter scams soar

In recent years, imposter scams have gained popularity with online fraudsters out to profit from fear. In fact, nearly half of all frauds reported in the US last year were related to imposter scams – and it's a similar story throughout the rest of the world. Joel Latto, Threat Advisor at F-Secure, explores recent WhatsApp imposter scams targeting families and friendship groups.

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Deepfakes deceive in real-time

Today, deepfakes are infamous. Something that started as an amusing activity for the tech-savvy is now more widely available, easier to use, and becoming a serious threat to people in real-time. Amit Tambe, Researcher at F-Secure, examines how deepfakes are boosting impersonation scams and explains the steps you can take to detect deepfakes in calls with friends, family, or strangers.

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Summer cyber survival toolkit

While many of us will choose to be outdoors enjoying the sun over the next few months, cyber crime unfortunately doesn’t stop for the summer. Download this month’s F-Alert to find tips for staying secure – we cover everything from cyber hygiene best practices to securing your devices from thieves, saving phone battery, and the steps you should take to protect your digital moments on vacation.

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Can technology be trusted?

Think back to 2001: the iPod hit the shelves, Microsoft rolled out Windows XP, Apple released Mac OS X, and there was an air of excitement about the increasing digitalization of life. More than two decades later, there’s now a clear division between technological innovation – particularly AI – and public trust. Timo Salmi, Senior Solution Marketing Manager at F-Secure, investigates.

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F-Alert report: online threats and summer cyber security tips

FAlert: online threats and summer cyber security tips

From trending online scams to the latest data breaches, our monthly F‑Alert threat reports guide you through the biggest cyber security stories happening right now around the world.  

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