The result is in: F‑Secure 40 – Ransomware 0

AV-TEST pitted F‑Secure Internet Security against ransom­ware attacks. And we stopped them all: scoring 40/40. Even the most advanced attackers can’t beat this defense!

Proven to let no attack through

Goal­keepers and online security have the same task: let no attacker through. And it’s vital that nothing gets past your defense. But let’s face it. Even the best goal­keepers — and online security apps — can have a hard time when put up against the world’s most advanced attackers. But not F‑Secure.

In a recent study by AV-TEST — the Independent IT Security Institute — F‑Secure was hit with 10 realistic attack scenarios using ransom­ware. And the result? We stopped them all, securing us the maximum protection score of 40. Ransom­ware is one of the biggest online threats you can face. But as proven by AV TEST, F‑Secure keeps your devices clean. What­ever the threat.

Ransom­ware: the worst kind of malware

Ransom­ware is a malware type that encrypts your files or your device. Then it demands payment in exchange of your files. Read more from our article: What is a ransom­ware attack?

What is an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)?

Like with sports teams, the level of online threats varies. Some of them are way more dangerous enemies, and these are referred to as advanced persistent threats (or APTs).

An APT is a serious cyber threat. APTs combine many sophisticated methods to get into a system or a network, spread, avoid detection, and cause damage. If an attack method is thwarted, an APT can try another.

An APT can linger inside the targeted network for a long time — if it’s not detected. Even then it can come back through back­doors it might have created. Not just any security can kick these threats out of your devices. Advanced threats need advanced solutions.

The best goalkeeper for your online life

When it comes to online security, it’s always serious when an attacker scores. You can lose money, private data, control of your device, etc. Advanced threats are no joke. And as proven by AV TEST, we take them very seriously.

F‑Secure Total online security package is all the protection you need. It protects all your digital moments with an award-winning anti­virus, VPN, and pass­word manager. It’s the best goal­keeper for your online life.

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