F‑Secured: your free 38-page guide to online security in 2023

The F‑Secured guide provides a comprehensive over­view of the cyber security threats facing consumers in 2023, featuring insight and advice from F‑Secure experts.

Whether you’re looking to get the low­down on malware; under­stand security and the connected home; master your use of pass­words; learn about the latest phishing threats; or get the latest cyber security trends for 2023, the F‑Secured guide reveals every­thing you need to know, including how to best protect your­self against emerging threats.

Malware today

We review the current malware outlook for 2023, with experts at F‑Secure believing that the next wave of cyber threats will be dominated by information stealing malware (with 69% of the top 30 malware threats we observed in 2022 being information stealers, also known as “info­stealers”). Get our in-depth over­view, including 7 malware tips for staying safe online.

Security and the smart home

According to Statista, the number of connected devices in the average house­hold will hit 34 by 2025. This increase in connected devices poses several challenges for consumers, hard­ware manufacturers, and CSPs (communication service providers). In the F‑Secured guide we review these challenges with Tom Gaffney, a connected home expert at F‑Secure.

Cyber security CSI: 5 top threats

Unfortunately, too many of us will be victimized by cyber criminals. And nearly one in three internet users say they’ve dealt with cyber crime in the last 12 months, according to a recent F‑Secure survey. In this 11-page article we look at the five top threats facing consumers today, including info­stealers, phishing scams, bad Android apps, and more.

Master your pass­words

On a weekly basis you’re likely using around 10 different accounts, but did you know that on average each of us already has close to 100 online accounts? In this pass­words primer we reveal the current security risks connected to poor pass­word practices, and explain how you can generate, use, and store the ever-increasing volume of pass­words that we are expected to manage in 2023.

Trends and predictions for 2023

With a dedicated team of researchers, analysts, and threat hunters working behind the scenes, F‑Secure operates at the leading edge of cyber security. In the F‑Secured guide we have spoken to F‑Secure’s brightest minds, who show­case their predictions for 2023. And we reveal the 12 trends shaping the world of cyber security over the coming year.

Down­load the F‑Secured guide today

The F‑Secured guide provides a comprehensive overview of cyber security threats facing consumers in 2023. This free 38-page guide includes advice on how to identify and avoid the top cyber risks, it delivers guidance on mastering your pass­word security, and it features insights and trends from some of the world’s leading cyber threat specialists. Download your free copy today.

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