What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. It’s a great tool to secure your privacy on the internet.

Without a VPN you are exposed on the internet

Being without a VPN is like walking in public with your address on your shirt. What a VPN does is it works as a tunnel for your internet connection. No one outside can see what you do with VPN switched on.

What does a VPN do?

Instead of connecting directly to the internet, your web traffic goes through a VPN server. This hides your IP address, and makes it look like your web traffic comes from your VPN service provider’s network, not your real location.

vpn connection illustration


VPN server

The internet

VPN encrypts your data

Another thing what a VPN does is that it encrypts your data. Only those who are supposed to can see your web traffic. This increases your privacy.

Why use a VPN?

What a VPN is, is not just a gadget for tech enthusiasts. With a VPN you can:

hide your IP address, which is one way used to identify you

secure your connection in public Wi‑Fi networks

change your virtual location to access more websites and content

What a VPN does in the first place, is it protects your privacy. What you do on the internet with VPN switched on is only your own business.

Pay attention to your VPN provider’s privacy policy

When using a VPN, you are trusting your VPN provider to handle all your data. What they do with it is stated in their privacy policy. Choose a trust­worthy provider governed by strong privacy laws to make sure they don’t misuse your data.

Why pay for a VPN?

A free VPN can be a security risk. It’s not cheap to run a VPN service. Typically, free VPN services collect your data to advertisers, foreign government actors or even criminals. Some spread malware or sell your bandwidth. If you don’t pay with money, then what are you paying with?


Do you want to protect your privacy online?

F-Secure’s FREEDOME VPN is a powerful tool that helps you guard your privacy, change your IP location, and gain security on public Wi‑Fi. In addition, FREEDOME blocks trackers that follow you in the internet, and it protects you from malicious websites. What’s best, FREEDOME is super easy to use. You get online privacy and security with a click of a button.