Threat description


Category: Malware
Type: Virus
Platform: W32
Aliases: Zarma, T_Power.Zarma, Zarm


Zarma is a memory resident encrypted COM and EXE infector. It was found in France during May 1995.

Zarma is a stealth virus that intercepts interrupt 21h's functions 11h, 12h, 31h, 3Dh, 4Eh, 4Fh, 4Ch, and 6Ch to mask its presence on an infected system. The virus hooks int 3 to its own decryption routine. This routine decrypts a second decryptor on the stack.


Automatic action

Once detected, the F-Secure security product will automatically disinfect the suspect file by either deleting it or renaming it.


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Technical Details

Once installed in memory the virus also uses int 1Dh, normally a pointer to some video information, as a gateway to call the original int 21h. A new int 1Ch (timer) handler is installed. It plays with the display controller, effectively shaking the picture on a standard VGA machine.

Zarma is also a retro-virus : it is able to deactivate VSAFE, VDEFEND and VWATCH.

The virus contains the following text:

ZARMA-VIR by T. Power *** Claudia Schiffer Lives !!!.. 		  

Technical Details:Herve Carette, DataRescue sprl


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