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Category: Malware

Type: Worm

Aliases: Peachy, Adobe Acrobat Worm


This is the first worm to use Adobe Acrobat PDF format as a platform. However, it only works under the full 'developer' version of Acrobat. The common Acrobat Reader program is not affected by this worm.


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Technical Details

The worm operates as a VBS script embedded within a PDF file. The worm show a simple 'peach' game on screen, with a large collage picture of peoples behinds and this text:

You have one minute to find the peach![ ]
Double click the icon to show the solution			

Note: Full version (not Acrobat Reader) is needed to show the solution

When the user doubleclicks on the icon shown, the worm collects email addresses from Microsoft Outlook and sends itself further via email.

As of 9th August 2001, this worm is not a real-world threat.

Description Created: 2001-09-29 14:32:40.0

Description Last Modified: 2010-07-29 09:34:55.0