Trojan:SymbOS/Flocker, Trojan:SymbOS/Flocker


Trojan:SymbOS/Flocker.A is malware affecting Symbian S60 2nd Edition phones that are running an implementation of Python.


  • Reboot the phone
  • Start up the infected phone and the application installer should now work
  • Go to the application manager and uninstall the SIS file in which you installed the malware
  • Download F-Secure Mobile Security and activate it
  • Scan the phone and remove any remaining components of the malware
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Technical Details

Flocker.A is distributed in the form a SIS archive embedding a Python (programming language) script file, and as such, can effectively only run on S60 phones that have the Python environment installed. The Flocker.A SIS archive is complied for S60 2nd Edition and fails to install on 3rd Edition phones.

This trojan claims to be an ICQ (instant messaging) application in its attempt to trick the user.

The installation file is named "Icq_Python". After installation, an icon can be found in the phone's menu as if it were a legitimate application.

Flocker.A does not provide a functioning ICQ client.

When starting the application from the menu, Flocker.A starts continuously sending SMS messages to a hard coded phone number.

It deletes SMS messages from the Inbox whenever the messages are from the same number, probably in an attempt to mask the premium service reply to the infected phone.

Flocker.A attempts to send SMS messages to the number "3649" with a subject of "FILES 545".

Messages are sent in one second intervals and in the case of a failure the following message is shown to the user:

  • Message sending failed

User interaction is needed to close the message. This makes the phone unusable if the SMS fails to as a steady stream of error prompts will overwhelm the phone. A very large phone bill is highly probable should the messages successfully send.

System Installation

The following files are installed to the phone:

  • !:\balbes\???????.jpg
  • !:\system\apps\Icq_reggerNEW\
  • !:\system\apps\Icq_reggerNEW\
  • !:\system\apps\Icq_reggerNEW\Icq_reggerNEW.rsc
  • !:\system\libs\appswitch.pyd
  • !:\system\libs\inbox.pyd
  • !:\system\libs\keypress.pyd

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