Threat description




Trojan:OSX/Loosemaque.A appears to be a video game, but deletes files from the user home folder when a user plays it.


Delete files and folder created by the trojan's installation.

Technical Details

This malware is notable not only for being one of a relatively small handful of malware on one of the Macintosh platforms, it is also the only such trojan so far to use a game as its payload.

It is also unusual in that its developer specifically states its actions on the website where it is available, as well as on the splash screen of the game itself:


Trojan creates a folder containing game content, with the name lose lose folder.

On execution, users are able to play a Space Invaders look-a-like game (see screenshot below). When the user shoots an enemy character however, a file or folder in the user's home directory will be deleted.

If the user character is destroyed, the game ends. The Trojan subsequently sends the user's score to a remote server and deletes itself from the compromised computer.

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