Trojan:Android/Qicsomos, Trojan:Android/Qicsomos.A


Trojan:Android/Qicsomos.A exploits concern raised over another application, Carrier IQ, to lure users into installing and execute it. On execution, Qicsomos sends out SMS messages and then uninstalls itself.


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Once the scan is complete, the F-Secure security product will ask if you want to uninstall the file, move it to the quarantine or keep it installed on your device.

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Technical Details

Qicsomos.A promotes itself as an application called .Detecteur de Carrier IQ,. a French term that translates to 'Carrier IQ Detector'. It claims to detect and remove a controversial application, Carrier IQ, from the device.

In 2011, Carrier IQ was a source of some concern for security researchers and privacy advocates, as the application was alleged to have been silently installed by telecom operators onto their customer.s devices and used to gather information, including data usage and location details.

Qicsomos.A essentially takes advantage of fears raised by this issue to trick users into installing it. On executing Qicsomos, the app sends out four SMS messages containing specified content to a phone number, then requests permission to uninstall itself.


This malware is discussed in further detail in: Q1 2012 Mobile Threat Report (PDF).

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