Threat description


Category: Malware
Type: Trojan
Platform: Android


Trojan:Android/Oldboot is reportedly the first malware to infect the boot partition of the Android operating system (also known as a bootkit).


Automatic action

F-Secure SAFE automatically blocks installation of this program.

Technical Details

Trojan:Android/Oldboot is reportedly most likely to have been distributed in a firmware update targeting Android devices in mainland China.

When the device is updated, the malicious code is included in the read-only physical boot partition of the device. Storing the code in this location means that it is restored fresh to the root directory of the operating system every time the device is rebooted, making attempts by security solutions to completely remove it from the file system ineffective.

While active, the bootkit reportedly performs such actions as monitoring and deleting SMS messages, stealing SMS message contents and forwarding them to a remote server and installing unwanted apps onto the device.

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