Trojan (Android)

Threat description




A seemingly legitimate application (app) that secretly performs other, usually malicious, functions detrimental to the user's personal information and/or the user's control of the device on which the app is installed.


Automatic action

When detected during scanning, F-Secure SAFE will prompt you for a desired action. You may assess the detected file and choose to Uninstall, Quarantine or keep it installed on your device. More information about these options can be found at Help Center: Assess files detected during scanning.

Technical Details

Trojans that function on the Android operating system (OS) are typically repackaged or trojanized versions of useful or desirable programs (such as a popular game, system update or utility program). These trojans are often distributed using either the same name and branding as the original app or as similar programs, in order to deceive the user into installing the trojan.

Once the trojan is installed on the device, it silently performs its actual, unauthorized functions, which may range from harvesting personal data from the device, to sending premium SMS messages or intercepting SMS messages, connecting the device to a mobile botnet and so on. Examples of trojans with such capabilities include:


For more information about malware on the Android platform, see the latest Mobile Threat Reports .

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