Trojan-PSW:W32/Wowsteal, Trojan-PSW:W32/Wowsteal, Trojan.PWS.WOW, Trojan.PWS.OnlineGames Trojan-GameThief.Win32.WOW, TSPY_WOW (Trend Micro) PWS:Win32/Wowsteal (Microsoft)


This type of trojan steals passwords and other sensitive information. It may also secretly install other malicious programs.


Automatic action

Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either move the file to the quarantine where it cannot spread or cause harm, or remove it.

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Technical Details

This is the Trojan-PSW:W32/Wowsteal family description.Variants in the Wowsteal family are trojans that steal sensitive information related to the popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft.


On execution, the trojan checks whether the World of Warcraft executable, wow.exe, is running. .Wowsteal the checks to see if the following files exist:

  • data\\enTW\\
  • data\\koKR\\
  • data\\enGB\\
  • data\\enUS\\

These files usually contain information related World of Warcraft, such as:

  • IP and host host name of the machine
  • Game server name
  • Role information (name, job, sex, level)
  • Game information (gold,map name)

Network Connection

Wowsteal also monitors browser activity for user visits to the following sites:


The trojan attempts to steal the user's login details for these sites.Once the game-related information and login details are gathered, Wowsteal posts the data to a remote server using POST command. The trojan can also download an update of itself.


Hooks to explorer.exe for stealth.

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