Category: Malware

Type: Worm

Aliases: Supova, Worm.P2P.Surnova.e


This worm tries to propagate through MSN and Kazaa. It also launches a DDoS attack to pre-configured sites. The worm was programmed in Visual Basic.


Automatic action

Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either automatically delete, quarantine or rename the detected program or file, or ask you for a desired action.

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Technical Details

It writes the following text to a file with random name and '.txt' extension.

W32.Supernova - Ban religion
Religion = War
Religion = Based on fairytales
Wars based on fairytales?
Ban religion, welcome to the truth

The worm deletes files from the user's computers, displaying the following messages:

0wned by the blasting star
Patch the leaks... Or the ship will sink....

It copies itself to the Windows directory under the following names:


And then sets the Registry key "Supernova" under:


to point to any of the files.

It runs the following commands, in an attempt to direct a DDoS attack against those hosts.

ping -t
ping -t
ping -t

These commands won't generate enough traffic to be DDoS attack unless a high number of hosts (on the range of thousands) become infected by this worm.

When trying to spread through MSN it will present the users with the following massages:

Hehe, check this out :-)
Funny, check it out (h)
LOL!! See this :D
LOL!! Check this out :)
Hehe, this is fun :-)

It will copy itself into the Kazaa shared folder using the following names:

Windows XP key generator.exe
Windows XP serial generator.exe
Key generator for all windows XP versions.exe
Warcraft 3 ONLINE key generator.exe
Half-life ONLINE key generator.exe
Quake 4 BETA.exe
Grand theft auto 3 CD1 crack.exe
GTA3 crack.exe key generator (WORKS!!).exe
Warcraft 3 serial generator.exe
Half-life WON key generator.exe
Star wars episode 2 downloader.exe
Winzip 8.0 + serial.exe
Winrar + crack.exe
Britney spears nude.exe
Macromedia MX key generator (all products).exe
KaZaA media desktop v2.0 UNOFFICIAL.exe
Microsoft key generator, works for ALL microsoft products!!.exe
Microsoft Windows XP crack pack.exe
Hack into any computer!!.exe
DivX codec v6.0.exe
DivX newest version.exe
DivX pro key generator.exe
Key generator for over 1,000 applications (really!).exe
DivX patch - Increases quality.exe
KaZaA spyware remover.exe
Age of empires 2 crack.exe
Norton antivirus 2002.exe
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Key Generator.exe
Macromedia Flash MX Key Generator.exe
Neverwinter nights crack.exe
Microsoft Office XP (english) key generator.exe
Microsoft Office XP.iso.exe
CloneCD + crack.exe
CloneCD all-versions key generator.exe
XBOX emulator (WORKS!!).exe
Gamecube Emulator (WORKS!!).exe
Grand Prix 4 crack.exe
Nokia simlock remover (includes new models).exe
Britney spears hard porn (REAL!).exe
Christina Aguilera fuck (REAL!).exe
Kiddy child incest porn.exe
Doom 3 preview!!.exe
Crazy taxi crack.exe
Copy protection remover.exe
Jedi Knight 2 crack.exe
Warcraft 3 trainer.exe
Cable modem uncapper.exe
Grand theft auto 3 trainer.exe
GTA3 trainer.exe