Category: Malware

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Aliases: Strezz


For more information on Word macro viruses, see WordMacro/Concept.


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Technical Details

The WordMacro/Strezz virus consist of three encrypted macros: AutoOpen, FilePrint and FileSaveAs. Each of them contains the following comments:

: STREZZ.WinWord
 Author : Dark Love & Lady Love

When the virus infects the global template, it removes the following menus from Word, making it impossible to view the macros of the virus:


Strezz activates when files are printed. At this time it removes the Edit/Undo menu and prints the following text before the original document:

 Special for my love by
 The Free Hackers
 Viroright (C) 1997 Internation Virus Research
 If you have bugs, please call me and don't stress for it!
 I will back laler!

The above extra lines can easily go undetected by the user if he's using a fax driver to fax the document directly from Word.However, after the printing (or faxing) has finished, the virus displays the following text:

You are STREZZ now, I'm sorry for it!
 [IVR] - Internation Virus Research