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VBS/Staple is a mass mailing worm written in Visual Basic Script.


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Depending on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either automatically delete, quarantine or rename the suspect file, or ask you for a desired action.

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Technical Details


This worm arrives in a email message with the following content:

  Subject:    RE:Injustice     Body:       Dear      Did you send the attached message, I was not expecting this from you !     Attachment: injustice.TXT.vbs  

When executed, the worm copies itself to the Windows System directory as "injustice.TXT.vbs". Then it sends itself to 50 random recipients from each address book. The worm also sends several infected messages to email addresses in Israel.Next the worm shows a message related to Middle-East war, as follows:

  PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGIES FOR DISTURBING YOU.     Remember that one day YOU may be in this situation.     We need every possible help.     Israeli soldiers killed in cold blood 12 year old Palestinian child     Mohammad Al-Durra, as his father tried to protect him in vain with     his own body. As a result of the indiscriminate and excessive use of     machine gun fire by Israeli soldiers, journalists and bystanders     watched helplessly as the child was savagely murdered.     Palestinian Red Crescent Society medic Bassam Balbeisi     attempted to intervene and spare the child's life but live     ammunition to his chest by Israeli fire took his life in the process.     The child and the medic were grotesquely murdered in cold blood.     Mohammad's father, Jamal, was critically injured and permanently     paralyzed. Similarly, approximately 40 children were slain, without     the media taking notice or covering these tragedies.     THESE CRIMINAL ACTS CANNOT BE FORGIVEN OR FORGOTTEN!!!!  

Finally VBS/Staple.A opens six Internet Explorer browser windows, and connects to related web sites.


The second variant of VBS/Staple propagates in messages that have following content:

  Subject:    hotstuff for you     Body:       Dear      CHEK THE ATTACHED HOT STUFF .. !     Attachment: hotstuff.gif.vbs  

Otherwise VBS/Stable.B@mm behaves like the original one.

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