Category: Malware

Type: -

Aliases: Sober.W, Email-Worm.Win32.Sober.w, W32/Sober.W@mm, W32/Sober.W.dr


The Sober.W worm was found on November 15th, 2005. This Sober variant is similar to Sober.T, that appeared yesterday:

Like the previous variants, this one sends itself inside a ZIP archive as an attachment in email messages with English or German texts. We also received several different droppers for this worm variant. They were apparently created by the worm author manually. They are all detected as 'Sober.w' or 'Sober.W.dr'.


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Technical Details

This Sober variant sends a bit different email messages:


Ihre eMail!


Guten Tag,
jemand schickte mir eine Mail mit einer Excel oder Access
Tabelle (kenne mich da nicht so aus!).
Jedenfalls ist diese Mail aber an ihre Mail Adresse adressiert,
aber zu meiner gekommen??? Ist wohl irgendein Fehler.
Ok, hier haben Sie sie wieder zurueck!

Attachment name starts with:


---- OR ----


Your email


Sorry, sorry sorry, because,, my English is not the best!
ok, I've got an email with an Excel-Table. But I am not the
recipient, the recipient are you!
I think, it's an mail error!
OK, here is your table back!