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Category: Malware

Type: -

Aliases: Skulls.J, SymbOS/Skulls.J


Skulls.J is minor variant of Skulls.D trojan. The main difference between Skulls.J and Skulls.D is that the Skulls.J doesn't drop any cabir variants directly. The Skulls.J drops SymbOS/AppDisabler.A trojan, which drops Cabir.Y and Locknut.B on the device.


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Technical Details

In addition of dropping the AppDisabler.A the Skulls.J tries to disable F-Secure Anti-Virus and other Anti-Virus applications.

F-Secure Anti-Virus protected from the trojan attack as it is capable of detecting the trojan using generic detection, which was created long before this trojan surfaced.

Spreading in: Skulls.J trojan SIS file has been manually inserted into several different pirate copied games and applications. However none of these files have been detected in the wild.


Tries to disable Anti-Virus and drops SymbOS/Appdisabler.A.

Skulls.J also contains application that displays animation of flashing skull picture. But unlike in Skulls.D, Skulls.J does not contain startup code for the animation, this code is introduced by AppDisabler.A, but is prevented from working by Locknut.B which is also dropped by Appdisabler.A.