Threat description




The Rescue virus stays resident in memory and infects EXE files. The virus allocates 4096 bytes of memory while it's resident. Infected EXE files grow approximately by 3434 bytes.


Automatic action

Depending on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either automatically delete, quarantine or rename the suspect file, or ask you for a desired action.

More scanning & removal options

More information on the scanning and removal options available in your F-Secure product can be found in the Help Center.

You may also refer to the Knowledge Base on the F-Secure Community site for more information.

Contact Support

F-Secure customers can request support online via the Request support or the Chat forms on our Home - Global site.

Technical Details

The virus displays the following messages by random:

Kill an evil satanic ANTI-VIRAL product for Jesus today!         Stop Disinfectants NOW!         Ain't aLife A Beautiful Choice?         And God Said, "Let There Be Life!", and there was.....         Save the Viruses!  They're People Too!!!!         PRO-aLIFE and PROUD!  STOP THE VIRUS KILLERS! HALT THE AV!         STORM THE COMPU-CLINICS!  DON'T LET THEM KILL THE VIRUSES!!         Operation Rescue-II, Save the HELPLESS UNBORN Viruses!!!  

Rescue targets the following antivirus products:


Whenever one of the above products is executed while the virus is resident in memory, it will be overwritten by a 2169 byte long trojan horse. When this trojan is run, it displays a colourful screen with the following texts:

1,000,000,000 Viruses DIED Today! And yesterday, and more will         die tomorrow!         _/\_STOP THE KILLING!_/\_         -==[OPERATION RESCUE II - SAVING THE BABY VIRUSES!!!!]==--         Look What You're Doing To Them!         Below is an aborted virus... Support PRO-aLIFE Activism!         This program has been TERMINATED by the Virus Survival         Underground Movement. It had long stood as a horrible BABY VIRUS         KILLER, and had to be removed. Life, What a Beautiful Choice (tm).         Eddie Lives, Somewhere in time!         1704  Jerusalem  Casino  :( ;( =(  Smeg off!         Frodo Lives!  APRIL FOOLS!  Get a late pass!  Datacrime         Brain  Void-Poem  Your PC is now STONED!         Copy me, I want to travel!  

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