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Peter_II is a boot sector virus which infects diskette boot sectors and hard disk Master Boot Records. As is normal for boot sector viruses, Peter_II can infect a hard disk only if the computer is booted from an infected diskette. After the initial Master Boot Record infection, Peter_II will go resident in high DOS memory every time the computer is booted from the hard disk.


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Depending on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either automatically delete, quarantine or rename the suspect file, or ask you for a desired action.

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Technical Details

Once Peter_II has managed to install itself into memory, it will infect practically all non-write protected diskettes used in the computer. Peter_II is also a stealth virus - if you try to examine the boot record in an infected computer, the virus will show you the original, clean record.

Peter_II activates every year on the 27th of February. When the computer is booted, the virus displays the following message:

Good morning,EVERYbody,I am PETER II

 Do not turn off the power, or you will lost all of the data in


 WAIT for 1 MINUTES,please...

After this, the virus encrypts the whole hard disk by issuing XOR 78h to every byte on each sector. Having done that, the virus continues by displaying the following questionnaire:

Ok. If you give the right answer to the following questions, I will

 save your HD:

 A. Who has sung the song called "I'll be there" ?

 1.Mariah Carey
2.The Escape Club
3.The Jackson five

 B. What is Phil Collins ?

 1.A singer
2.A drummer
3.A producer
4.Above all(1-4):

 C. Who has the MOST TOP 10 singles in 1980's ?

 1.Michael Jackson
2.Phil Collins (featuring Genesis) 3.Madonna

 4.Whitney Houston(1-4):

If the user gives correct answers to every question, the virus decrypts the hard disk and displays the following message:

CONGRATULATIONS !!! YOU successfully pass the quiz!


The user can then continue using the computer normally. However, if incorrect answers are given, the virus will not decrypt the hard disk. Instead, it will just display the following message:

Sorry!Go to Hell.Clousy man!

In case you do not find out about the infection until the virus starts its mischief, the correct answers are 4, 4 and 2. Of course, it is better to take care of the matter beforehand; F-Secure anti-virus products are able to detect and disinfect the Peter_II virus.

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