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W97M/Opey is a Word 97 macro virus.


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Depending on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either automatically delete, quarantine or rename the suspect file, or ask you for a desired action.

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Technical Details

When an infected document is opened the virus infectes the global template and modifies the current user settings as follows: User name is changed to "OPEY A.", address is changed to "CNNHS B'92 PHILIPPINES (CNSC)" and initials are changed to "LOVE". It also removes the "Tools/Macros" and "Tools/Customize..." menu selections, "ALT-F8" and "ALT-F11" keyboard shortcuts, and disable the "Visual Basic" toolbar.

After the global template has been infected, the virus will infect every document that is opened, closed or saved thereafter.

The virus activates its payload at the holidays mentioned below. It then adds a message to the end of "C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT" file, so the message will appear when the system is restarted.

At December 25th and January 1st the message is:


November 1st the message is:

  HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!     from: OPEY A.  

and February 14th it will be:

  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !!!     from: OPEY A.  

Then the execution of "AUTOEXEC.BAT" will stop until a key is pressed.


W97M/Opey.C is a modified variant of W97M/Opey.A. It contains some additional messages that are added into the "C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT":

At April 14th:

  HAPPY LABOR DAY !!!     from: OPEY A.  

November 30th:

  BONIFACIO DAY !!!     from: OPEY A.  

December 30th:

  RIZAL DAY !!!     from: OPEY A.  

June 12th:


and finally in every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in April:

  HOLY WEEK !!!     from: OPEY A.  


W97M/Opey.D is a slightly modified variant of W97M/Opey.A. It doesn't remove "Tools/Customize..." menu selection but replaces it with a code that infects the active document.


W97M/Opey.H is a modified variant of W97M/Opey.A. The number of dates when messages are appended into the "C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT" has been increased sligtly.

This variant also adds six AutoCorrection entries, which causes that Word will replace the the following words with a string:

  Author          Author The Crazy Man     President       President Mr. Josep Estrada     M.Mla.          Metro Manila Philippines     I amI am The Crazy Man     I'm I'm The Crazy Man     Who is          Who is the Crazy Man  

The virus also changes the current user information of Word as follows:

  User name:      Crazy Man     User address:   LBTMM B'99 PHILIPPINES     User initials:  Crazy  

Finally it modifies the active document summary:

  Author:         Crazy Man     Title:          Crazy     Manager:        MMA     Company:        Crazy Man Company     Comments:       HELLO I am the Crazy Man From the Crazy World of         Computer. Don't you worry I'm not as crazy than         you tink...  

The virus also hooks the "Tools/Macros/Macro" menu, replacing it with a code that inserts the following text to the active document:

  Aha!!! You Wan't to know my code...     Kill me first  

It then saves the active document and quits Word.

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