No Frills





No Frills


No Frills is a resident file infector which infects both COM and EXE files.


Automatic action

Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either move the file to the quarantine where it cannot spread or cause harm, or remove it.

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Technical Details

When an infected file is executed, the virus will install itself in memory and reserve 1kB for itself. At this time virus hooks INT 21h.

INT 21h handler defines the residence test and intercepts dos functions 4Bh (load program), 3Dh (open file handle), 43h (get/set attribute) and 6Ch (extended open/create). All EXE files that start with 'MZ' or 'ZM' and whose names don't begin with "SC" are candidates for infection.

All COM files which do not have "CO" at the beginning of the filename are also candidates. Virus contains a copyright text inside its code which says '+-No Frills 2.0 by Harry McBungus-+'. Virus size is 843 bytes.

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