Richard Keil

Threat description


Platform: W32
Aliases: Richard Keil, Memorial Abend


This is not a virus, but we sometimes get queries about "Richard Keil Memorial Abend #27" on Novell Netware servers.


Automatic action

Once detected, the F-Secure security product will automatically disinfect the suspect file by either deleting it or renaming it.


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Technical Details

Here is more information from Novell:

          MEMORIAL ABENDS DURING NETWARE 3.12 INSTALL   NOVELL TECHNICAL INFORMATION DOCUMENT  DOCUMENT ID:TID013640 DOCUMENT REVISION:      A DATE:       07OCT93 ALERT STATUS:           Yellow INFORMATION         Symptom Solution NOVELL PRODUCT CLASS  NetWare OSNOVELL PRODUCT and VERSION:  NetWare 3.12CATEGORY:  InstallationABSTRACT:  Memorial Abends During NetWare 3.12 Install SYMPTOM          "Richard Keil Memorial Abend #27"  TROUBLESHOOTING          The user was trying to install v3.12.  While in INSTALL he         received the above message. CAUSE          This message was intended to be remarked out before the code         being frozen.  Many other "memorial abends" were remarked out.         This error is usually triggered by disk hardware failures. SOLUTION          The user was trying to install v3.12 on a clone machine. When         they installed v3.12 on a certified machine the problem went         away.          From what Novell has seen the error is manifest when there is a         drive deactivation due to hardware failure, bad cabling, and so         forth.  


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