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This variant of Email-Worm:VBS/Loveletter is distributed as an infectious e-mail file attachment.


Automatic action

Depending on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either automatically delete, quarantine or rename the suspect file, or ask you for a desired action.

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Technical Details

VBS/LoveLetter.G is similar to the original VBS/LoveLetter.A virus.

This variant sends a message that seems to originate from Symantec's support. This is not true. The message looks like the following:


Virus ALERT!!!



 Dear Symantec customer, 	Symantec's AntiVirus Research Center began receiving

 reports regarding VBS.LoveLetter.A virus early morning on

 May 4, 2000 GMT.

 This worm appears to originate from the Asia Pacific

 region. Distribution of the virus is widespread and

 hundreds of thousands of machines are reported infected.

 The VBS.LoveLetter.A is an Internet worm that uses

 Microsoft Outlook to e-mail itself as an attachment.

 The subject line of the e-mail reads ILOVEYOU, with the

 attachment titled LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.VBS. Once the

 attachment is opened, the virus replicates and sends an

 e-mail to all e-mail addresses listed in the address book.

 The virus also spreads itself via Internet relay chat and

 infects files on local and remote drives including files

 with extensions vbs, vbe, js, sje, css, wsh, sct, hta, jpg,

 jpeg, mp3, mp2.

 Users should exercise caution when opening e-mails with

 this subject line, even if the e-mail is from someone they

 know, as that is how the virus is spread.

 Symantec Corp. today announced availability of the virus

 definition to detect, repair and protect users against the

 VBS.LoveLetter.A virus.

 This definition is available now via Symantec's LiveUpdate

 and can also be downloaded from the following web sites: 	Also as a quick solution Symantec Corp. offers Visual Basic

 Script to protect your PC against this worm. (See

 attached.) 	Note! When executed, this script will protect Your PC from

 being INFECTED by VBS.LoveLetter.A virus. 	To cure already infected PC's download Norton Antivirus

 Updates mentioned above. 	Symantec Corporation - a world leader in internet security technology.

 Attachment: protect.vbs 	 	

This variant changes the Internet Explorer start page to point to an adult site. The default search page is set to point to a hacker site.

The virus creates a new file with the same name for the files with the following extensions: ".js", ".jse", ".css", ".wsh", ".sct", ".hta", ".com" and ".bat", but using the extension ".vbs". The original file will be deleted. Since all ".com" files have been removed, the system cannot be restarted.

This variant does not attempt to download the "WIN-BUGSFIX.exe".

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