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Worm:JS/Quickspace.A is a worm that is designed to spread through the profile pages of Social Networking website MySpace. Infected pages are modified to contain links to a Phishing site that asks for the user's logon details and an embedded link to a copy of this worm.


Automatic action

Depending on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either automatically delete, quarantine or rename the suspect file, or ask you for a desired action.

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Technical Details

Infection Method

Visiting an infected site will trigger the infection of this worm. The infected site contains an embedded malicious QuickTime movie (MOV) file (detected as JS/Quickspace.A) that is downloaded onto the system. This MOV file takes advantage of the QuickTime feature that enables MOV files to contain executable JavaScript functions. It will then execute the malicious JavaScript code snippet contained within, which will download a JavaScript file from the following links:

  • https://almobty.com/css/[REMOVED].js
  • https://www.cake.fi/images/[REMOVED].js
  • https://www.daviddraftsystem.com/images/[REMOVED].js
  • https://www.tm-group.co.uk/images/[REMOVED].js

This will then modify the user's MySpace profile page if it exists. It does so by replacing the legitimate MySpace header with a new one. The new header will still contain the menu for different MySpace functions but will be directed to a fake login site.

The profile page will also be modified to contain an embedded link of the MOV file. The embedded links points to the following paths:

  • https://almobty.com/css/[REMOVED].mov
  • https://www.cake.fi/images/[REMOVED].mov
  • https://www.daviddraftsystem.com/images/[REMOVED].mov
  • https://www.tm-group.co.uk/images/[REMOVED].mov

Succeeding visits to this profile page will trigger the worm infection.

Phishing Details

The fake login page is redirected with the new replaced header that is designed to appear as a legitimate MySpace login site. However, it is a phishing site that asks for the login details of the MySpace user.

Upon clicking on the submit button, the information will be posted on the following site:

  • https://www.tmi.edu/graphics/login.php
Spam Details

Spam messages may also be sent to users who provide their login details. The spam emails have the following details:

Subject - Any one of the following:

  • better see this one last time lol..
  • Hehe that was so funny..
  • omg did you see this last nite..
  • what else is there to do on a Sunday.?.......
  • whos coming to the party tonight.?..
  • You better not forget about this..


  • [a pornographic image that links to an adult themed site]

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