Category: Malware

Type: Constructor

Aliases: IVP, IVP-Based


IVP stands for Instan Virus Producer. This is a virus creating program written by a group called YAM. There are well over 100 different variant created with it in the circulation. Typical viruses created with IVP are simple and buggy COM and EXE infectors.


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Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either automatically delete, quarantine or rename the detected program or file, or ask you for a desired action.

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Technical Details

One IVP variant, IVP.647.B, become relatively widespread in the summer of 1996, as it was distributed over the internet.

Variant:IVP.848 (Die Hard 2)

This is a direct action infector. It infects COM and EXE files which will increase by 848 bytes in size. The body of the virus is encrypted. The virus activates on 7th of June, every year after 1995. At this time it displays this message:

*** SW DIE HARD 2 (The Return of the Doom) ***
 Thanks God for making me alive again!

After this the virus overwrites 1996 (or 1997, 1998 etc.) sectors from the hard drive.

The virus also contains these texts which are not displayed by the virus:

 Die Hard 2 (The Unbeatable) Sailor Moon

IVP.868 virus is not related to Die_Hard virus.


Some IVP variants are detected as 'Bubbles' by some antivirus products.

See also: VCL, PS-MPC