Inta, Win2K.Inta, Win2000.Installer


Win2K.Inta is the first virus to infect Windows 2000. Windows 2000 is the new upcoming operating system from Microsoft, due to be released later this year.


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Technical Details

Win2K.Inta appears to be written by the 29A virus group. It operates only under current beta versions of Windows 2000 and is not designed to operate at all under older versions of Windows.

F-Secure has received no reports of this virus being in the wild, and it is not considered a big threat. The most important feature of the virus is capability to spread under the new operating system.

Win2K.Inta works by infecting program files and replicates from a computer to another when these files are exchanged. Infected files do not grow in size. The virus infects files with these extensions: EXE, COM, DLL, ACM, AX, CNV, CPL, DRV, EXE, MPD, OCX, PCI, SCR, SYS, TSP, TLB, VWP, WPC and MSI. This list includes several classes of programs that were not suspectible to virus infection before. For example, this virus will analyse Microsoft Windows Installer files (MSI files), scan them for embedded programs and infect them.

The virus contains this text string, which is never displayed:

[Win2000.Installer] by Benny/29A & Darkman/29A

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