Category: Malware

Type: -

Aliases: HLL, HLLP


HLL is a family name - all parasitic viruses written in High Level Languages, such as Pascal, C, C++ or Basic, have been grouped under this name.


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Technical Details

There are several members, including the following viruses: HLL.3680, HLL.Pascal.3966, HLL.5150, HLL.5602.A, HLL.5602.B, HLL.Bobas, HLL.5938, HLL.Rna.7296, HLL.Rna.7408, HLL.Pascal.7808, HLL.Cookie.7360, HLL.Cookie.7392, HLL.Halloween, HLL.Antiline.

Members of the HLL family are rarely seen in the wild, but the chance of a false alarm is bigger than with viruses written in assembly language - this is because it is more difficult to find a distinct search string for these viruses.