Category: Malware

Type: Virus

Aliases: Harry


This virus infects Windows 95 EXE files. It stays resident with a VxD (virtual device driver).


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Technical Details

When NewEXE files are executed or copied, Harry infects them. It writes itself to the end of the file and modifies the NewEXE header to take control when infected file is executed.

Harry activates every time an infected file is executed. It changes the mouse cursor to an injection needle (syringe).

The virus contains these texts which are never displayed:

 F... Harry by Quantum / VLAD

\Control Panel\Cursors


Harry contains bugs and frequently crashes the infected machine.

Variant:Anxiety.A (W95/Anxiety)

This virus infects Windows 95 EXE files and is very similar to Harry. It does not change the mouse cursor.

The a variant contains this text which is never displayed:

Anxiety.Poppy.95 by VicodinES


This variant is like Anxiety.A, but contains this text:

Anxiety.Poppy.II by VicodinES...feel the pain, mine not yours!
 all alone and I don't understand
 a cry for help and no one answers
 will I last for more than a week
 will I taste the gunpowder
 can I end it all and make it easy
 is it sick to ask
 is it safe to cry
 will I be gone soon
 will I last
 will you care
 will I?
 if you don't hear from me in a while -
 say a prayer for me because I have left, never to return.
 peaceful goodnight, hopefully...

The Anxiety viruses are known to be in the wild. They do nothing significant in addition to replicating.