Threat Description



Category: Malware
Platform: W32
Aliases: Drever.B, SymbOS/Drever.B


Drever.B is a malicious SIS file trojan that disables the automatic startup from Simworks Symbian Anti-Virus software.

Drever.B does not affect F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus.


Drever.B can be disinfected easily by using F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus available from

Or you can uninstall it by uninstalling the SIS file in which Drever.C was installed from using application manager

  • 1. Open the application manager
  • 2. Uninstall Simworks_update.sis
  • 3. Re-install your Anti-Virus

Technical Details

Spreading in: Simworks_update.sis


Drever.B drops non-functional copy of the bootloader used by Simworks Symbian Anti-Virus. This non-functional copy overwrites the original file, causing target software not to load automatically when the phone boots.


Detection for this malware was published on March 21th, 2005 in the F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus

Detection Type: Mobile
Database: update build 31

Description Details: Jarno Niemela March 22nd, 2005;


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