Category: Malware

Type: -

Aliases: DoS, DOS, DDoS, Denian of Service, TROJAN-DDOS, Trojan-DDoS


DoS, DDoS Tool (generic description).

A DoS tool is a Denial of Service attack trojan.


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Technical Details

A DoS attack is the type of attack when a massive amount of requests is sent to a specific target from one or several hosts. When a target reaches its capacity of handling such requests, it becomes incapable of answering all the requests it gets. So if a DoS attack is done by a trojan, that continuously sends massive amount of requests to a target (web, IRC server or a selected IP address), a target is kept busy processing only the requests sent by a trojan and requests coming from other sources are not processed at all or are processed with delays.

DoS attacks become quite popular nowdays as they are in many cases quite effective. For example in 2002 there was a DoS attack on a few IRC servers and many users were unable to connect to these servers. Also in 2002 there was an attack on a few big websites and that disrupted normal communications to those sites and caused losses to the companies who owned them.

Some worms perform a so-called 'political' DoS attack. For example Yaha worm tries to DoS the Pakistanian government website. Some trojans and worms try to DoS Microsoft's website.