Threat Description



Aliases: SymbOS/Commwarrior
Category: Malware
Type: Worm
Platform: SymbOS


A standalone malicious program which uses computer or network resources to make complete copies of itself.


F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus detects Commwarrior and will delete the worm's components.

  • Download F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus and activate it
  • Scan the phone and remove any components of the malware
  • Reboot the phone to remove memory resident components

After disinfection, you can remove any remaining empty directories by opening the phone's application manager and uninstalling the SIS file in which Commwarrior arrived.

Technical Details

Variants in the Worm:SymbOS/Commwarrior family are worms that infect devices running the Symbian S60 2nd Edition operating system. Commwarrior can propagate by over both Bluetooth and Multimedia Message (MMS) networks.

For representative examples of variants in the Commwarrior family, please see the descriptions below:

Many of the variants in this family are closely related. For example, variant Commwarrior.E is closely related to Commwarrior.C

Propagation (Bluetooth)

When replicating over Bluetooth, the worm uses the device's native Bluetooth functionality to search for other Bluetooth-discoverable devices within the Bluetooth wireless range. The worm then attempts to send infected SIS files to the discovered devices.

The SIS files Commwarrior transmits are randomly named so that phone users cannot be warned to avoid files with any particular given name.

Propagation (MMS)

When replicating over MMS, Commwarrior sends out MMS messages containing the infected SIS file. On opening the MMS message, the recipient then becomes infected.

Depending on the variant, Commwarrior may send an infected MMS message to all users listed in an infected phone's contact book; to anyone who sends a message to the infected user; or to anyone the infected user contacts.


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