Category: Malware

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Aliases: Briss, TrojanSpy.Win32.Briss


Briss is an spyware (intrusive advertising software) made by BlazeFind. It is usually installed to computers without any warning or notification to users. The main component is a BHO (Browser Helper Object) that creates a search toolbar in Internet Explorer's interface. The spyware is capable or auto-updating itself. It reports information about users' hard drives and operating system version to its maker, that is why we consider it a spying trojan.


For instructions on how to remove Briss spyware please visit this link:

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Technical Details


The main Briss's file is an installer that drops 3 files into Windows System folder without any notice to a user. These files are:


Then the startup key for the bridge.dll file is added to the following key:


This allows the dll to be loaded in memory during every Windows session. The dll file works from under Explorer.exe (main Windows component). The spyware connects to the site and reports certain data. It can also download and install upgrades for itself.

When uninstalling Briss from Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, please select 'Bridge' and then click 'Change/Remove' button.