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This is a simple Word 97 macro virus. The most common variant, WM/Blee.D was posted to the alt.cracks newsgroup on 25th of December, 1997.

This variant attempts to display this text on Saturdays:

VicodinES is probably high on painkillers right now"  

It will also attempt to put this data in the Summary Info of the current document:

  Author: = VicodinES     Title: =  Another W97M/Blee.Poppy Infected Document     Subject:  Macro Virus Infection by The Narkotic Network     Comments: Hello from VicodinES and The Narkotic Network ...   we mean you no harm"  

The virus contains these comments which are not displayed.

W97M/Blee.Poppy.II         this is version II(ES) (with no blee payload)         By VicodinES         Macro Virus for Word 97         "Sloppy Code For A Sloppy Red Mess"  

Virus also has code to attempt to delete all Word template files if the global template has been write-protected. Otherwise it does nothing but spreads.

WM/Blee.D has been reported to be in the wild globally.


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