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This is not a virus, but we sometimes get support calls about it.

Bang is a Windows-based game, which is distributed in BANG20.ZIP. It will display an icon with the text 'Death To Mickeysoft', and will change your mouse cursor to a crosshair and allow you to shoot holes to the visible windows.

In addition to that, Bang inserts the following lines to your WIN.INI:

   [BANG]        BBBBBB         AA       N     N     GGGGGG      B      B     A    A     NN    N    G      B      B    A      A    N N   N    G      BBBBBB      A      A    N  N  N    G   GGG      B      B    AAAAAAAA    N   N N    G      G      B      B    A      A    N    NN    G      G      BBBBBB      A      A    N     N     GGGGGG     Written by REMBRANDT, POWER MIKE and JOSH     Each WinDoom application is adding some rubbish to the WIN.INI   file. This one too !!!     Enjoy it  

The game is harmless and can be considered to be a joke.

Note: This joke has nothing to do with WINDOOM.EXE, which has been used to distribute the DMSetup trojan. See DMSetup for more information.


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