Backdoor:OSX/iWorkServ.A is a trojan backdoor that installs itself on Mac OSX computers.


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Technical Details


iWork is a suite of productivity applications created by Apple Inc.

The legitimate trial version of iWork can be downloaded from:

Illegitimate File Sharing

There are illegitimate copies of iWork 2009 distributed on file sharing sites.

Some of these illegitimate copies contain a malicious backdoor with peer-to-peer functionality.

The backdoor uses a file called iWorkServices and is part of the installer package. This file is detected as iWorkServ.A.

Based on the code the file should install itself to:

  • /System/Library/StartupItems/iWorkServices

It does so with equivalent - read+write+execute attribute.

Upon execution, the backdoor checks if it is run as administrator(sudo mode) by using "_geteuid" and "_getpwuid" API and then testing the output for "root".

If it is not executed with sudo rights, it will just exit.

It checks if the file is executed with a filename of "iWorkServices". If it doesn't it will delete the file "/tmp/.iWorkServices". It then create the following files:

  • /System/Library/StartupItems/iWorkServices/iWorkServices
  • /System/Library/StartupItems/iWorkServices/StartupParameters.plist
  • /usr/bin/iWorkServices

The iWorkServices files are copies of itself.

The "StartupParameters.plist" file contains the following data:

  • {Description = "iWorkServices"; Provides = ("iWorkServices"); Requires = ("Network"); OrderPreference = "None";}

It may attempt to connect to the following:


An attacker is capable of downloading and/or executing files using the following P2P commands:

  • banadd
  • banclear
  • clear
  • get
  • httpget
  • httpgeted
  • leafs
  • nodes
  • p2pihist
  • p2pihistsize
  • p2plock
  • p2pmode
  • p2ppeer
  • p2ppeerport
  • p2ppeertype
  • p2pport
  • p2punlock
  • platform
  • rand
  • rshell
  • script
  • sendlogs
  • set
  • shell
  • sleep
  • socks
  • system
  • uid
  • unknowns
  • uptime

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