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Security tips


Dealing with passwords

What can I do to make it easier to manage my many passwords?

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Securing web browsers

Why is my web browser's security important? How can I improve it?

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What is...



How does a PC get roped into a botnet and misused?

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Why are all my files suddenly encrypted?

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Denial of Service (DoS)

My favorite site won't load.
Is it under a DoS attack?

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What's in a detection name?
How do threats get named?

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Exploit kit

What is an exploit kit?
How can it attack my computer or device?

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This program I downloaded seems suspicious.
Is it a trojan?

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My document files keep getting corrupted.
Is this a virus?

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What is a vulnerability?
What can I do to patch it?

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My PC keeps sending out emails I never created. Is this a worm?

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