Threat Description

Trojan: SymbOS/Appdisabler.D


Category: Malware
Type: Trojan
Platform: SymbOS
Aliases: Trojan:SymbOS/Appdisabler.D, SymbOS/Appdisabler.D


Trojan:SymbOS/Appdisabler.D is a trojan intended to infect devices running the Symbian Series 90 operating platform, such as the Nokia 7710 phone model.


Use application manager to uninstall TIGER_HANDANGO.SIS.

Technical Details

It is distributed in a malicious SIS file named 'TIGER_HANDANGO.SIS'.

Due to an implementation error however, Appdisabler.D does not seem to be able to install in Nokia 7710 phones. It does install to Series 60 phones, but as it's contents are intended to harm Series 90 systems, it has no effect on Series 60 devices.

While this case seems to be a failed attempt on creating malware, we are adding detection and description anyway to prevent confusion if someone encounters this trojan.


Generic detection for Appdisabler.D was added to F-Secure mobile Anti-Virus published on September 2nd, 2005 in database build number 47.


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