Threat Description



Aliases: Trojan:​SymbOS/Appdisabler.C, SymbOS/Appdisabler.C
Category: Malware
Type: Trojan
Platform: SymbOS


A trojan, or trojan horse, is a seemingly legitimate program which secretly performs other, usually malicious, functions. It is usually user-initiated and does not replicate.


Use the application manager to uninstall 6600_BRAND NEW SVEDEN MP3 PLAYER.SIS and reinstall any third party applications damaged by the trojan.

Technical Details

Trojan:SymbOS/Appdisabler.C is a trojan that affects devices running the Symbian Series 60 operations system.On execution, the trojan disables a large number of third party applications.

The trojan is distributed in a malicious SIS file named '6600_BRAND NEW SVEDEN MP3 PLAYER.SIS '.


On installation and execution, Appdisabler.C will replace the main executable of several third party applications by overwriting their main executable file. These files must be reinstalled to repair the damage.

Applications affected are:

  • AD7650
  • AnswRec
  • BlackList
  • BlueJackX
  • callcheater
  • CallManager
  • Camcoder
  • camerafx
  • ETICamcorder
  • ETIMovieAlbum
  • ETIPlayer
  • extendedrecorder
  • FaceWarp
  • FExplorer
  • FSCaller
  • Hair
  • HantroCP
  • irremote
  • Jelly
  • KPCaMain
  • Launcher
  • logoMan
  • mmp
  • Mp3Go
  • Mp3Player
  • photoacute
  • PhotoEditor
  • Photographer
  • PhotoSafe
  • PhotoSMS
  • PVPlayer
  • RallyProContest
  • realplayer
  • RingMaster
  • SmartAnswer
  • SmartMovie
  • SmsMachine
  • Sounder
  • sSaver
  • SystemExplorer
  • UltraMP3
  • UVSMStyle


Detection for F-Secure mobile Anti-Virus has been published on August 17th, 2005 in

Detection Type: Mobile
Database: database build number 46


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