Category:  Riskware

Type:  Adware

Platform:  -

Aliases:  Zango, Zango


Zango is an ad-delivery application designed to display targeted advertisements to users. Advertisement criteria is selected based on the user's web-searches and surfing habits, which are collected by Zango servers. Advertisements are displayed as pop-up messages directing the user to third party websites.


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Technical Details

Zango is an ad-delivery application. It monitors browser usage and delivers targeted advertisements as pop-up windows to the user. Zango offers for free to its users: games, applications, media, and other software. To display targeted advertisments, Zango software collects information about user web-searches and surfing habits and submits the data to Zango's servers. Advertisements are displayed as pop-up messages directing the user to third party websites.

Attracts Under Aged Users

Some of the software that Zango bundles with is attractive to children. Games, instant messaging add-ons, such as doll avatars and emoticons, are provided for free on websites attractive to children if Zango is installed. One such example is: The EULA clearly states that the software is not allowed for installation by anyone under 18 years of age. The EULA states: "You must be at least 18 years of age to Use the Licensed Software. By accepting the terms of this Agreement and Using the Licensed Software, you represent that you are over the age of 18." Zango was previously a brand of 180solutions. However, after June 7th, 2006, 180solutions merged with Hotbar and the company name Zango was taken. Many different names have been used in Zango's history. Metrics Direct is a brand used for selling advertisement space. ZangoCash is a pay-per-install affiliates program. Some of the software that has been discontinued:

  •  180search Assistant
  •  WindUpdates
  •  WinAD
  •  Media Pass
  •  Media Access
  •  Media Gateway

Some affiliates used trojans to install hidden software from the list above. Zango has also a software brand named Seekmo Search Assistant.