Riskware:Android/Smssend.variant!Online, Android.Riskware.SMSSend, SMSSend.[variant]


This detection from the F-Secure Security Cloud identifies Android apps that contain an additional module for sending SMS messages to premium-rate numbers (see Trojan:Android/SmsSend). This behavior can lead to unexpectedly high telephony or data charges, if the user is unaware of the app's capabilities.


Automatic action

Once the scan is complete, the F-Secure security product will ask if you want to uninstall the file, move it to the quarantine or keep it installed on your device.

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Technical Details

About Security Cloud

F-Secure's Security Cloud is an online service that tracks the security reputation of common programs, files and websites. If a questionable program or file is found during a scan, your F-Secure security product will send a query to the Security Cloud to get its most recent reputation rating. The product will then use that information (and if needed, further analysis) to choose whether to block, quarantine or remove the program or file.

The Security Cloud rating for the identified app indicates that it contains an additional module for sending SMS messages to premium-rate numbers. Such apps are grouped in the family, Trojan:Android/SmsSend.

SmsSend variants send SMS messages to premium-rate numbers. The app's SMS-sending behavior may result in unexpectedly high phone charges if the user is unaware of the app's capabilities. This behavior may also be legally questionable, depending on the jurisdiction and if it is done without the user's knowledge or consent.

A specific SmsSend variant may be detected as either riskware or a trojan, depending whether the program performs other malicious actions.

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