Flexispy is a spyphone application that monitors the user of the mobile phone. As the software itself is not malicious towards the phone's operating system, it is not classified as malware.


Removal using F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus

If you feel you want to remove Flexispy from your device, you can do that by doing the following:

  • Download F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus and activate the Anti-Virus
  • Scan the phone and remove any components of the malware
  • Reboot the phone to remove memory resident components

After removing the F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus, there will be remaining files from the spyware on the telephone. These files left on the phone are resource files, log files, etc. - files of non-functionality. These files can be removed manually with file exploring software such as FExplorer or something similar. Leaving these files on your phone does not harm the phone nor do they allow the spyware to function.

Here is a list of the files contained in the installation package that are installed on the phone, some of which you still see after removal:

  • \system\apps\system\phones\FXMONITOR.DLL
  • \system\apps\system\phones\Fxs.aif
  • \system\apps\system\phones\Fxs.app
  • \system\apps\system\phones\Fxs.rsc
  • \system\apps\system\phones\FXSMON.EXE
  • \system\apps\system\phones\Fxs_caption.rsc
  • \system\apps\system\phones\MONUNINS.EXE
  • \system\apps\system\phones\t4l.cfg
  • \system\programs\fcex.exe
  • \system\programs\FREM.EXE
  • \system\recogs\FSLRECOG.MDL
  • \system\recogs\FXSMON.MDL

These files are either on the c:\ or e:\ drive in the phone depending on where the Flexispy.B spyware was installed.

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For more information, please see the description of Flexispy.B.

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